Decleor Facial

Decleor Facial

With over 20 years experience, Decleor skin care & Decleor beauty products are a leader in the aromatherapy and beauty product industry - it's also one of the most knowledgeable and respected names in the industry. Using only modern research techniques, amazing essential oils, and natural ingredients, Decleor has created what they call the "Art of Beauty."

Aromatherapy has proven by itself that it is a science that uses on the most active extracts of aromatic plants that provide the amazing essential oils that keep the skin looking youthful, vibrant and smooth. Decleor uses this knowledge and ability to produce the purest oils that are specially formulated to enhance and rejuvenate the skin and body.

Decleor Discovery Facial 40 mins - £30

Introductory facial to Decléor. An efficient facial which includes cleanse, exfoliation, steam & extraction, head massage and a deep cleansing mask.

Decleor Vitamin Glow (Aromaplastie) 1 hour - £42

This facial is enhanced with the award winning Aromaplastie mask. Including antioxidants, vitamins, linseed & sunflower which is activated and applied warm to the face to allow the products deeper penetration and stimulation to moisturise and decongest the skin, leaving it replenished and glowing. Includes steam and extraction.


Super Infusion Hydrating Facial (Dehydrated Skin) 1 hour - £45

This super hydrating targeted facial provides an expert response to dehydrated skin and will quench even the thirstiest skins. Featuring a concentrate of active ingredients with renowned properties that will fulfil even the most demanding skin leaving skin supple and cashmere soft. Includes steam and extraction.


Intense Brightening Facial (For Uneven Pigmented Skins) 1 hour - £48

The newly reformulated Decleor White Petal range has highly concentrated vitamin C serums which target pigmentation marks and balances out general tone, whilst working to heal the damaged skin cells. Includes steam and extractions.


Lift & Firm Anti - Aging Yoga Facial 1 hour 15 mins - £60

Highly effective yet kind to skin. This energising, luxurious facial helps fight against the signs of aging. It activates collagen and elastin synthesis and promotes the elimination of toxins. A collagen rich mask infuses the complexion with skin plumping nutrients improving the skins natural renewal process leaving skin firmer and radiant.

All of Decleor's skin care products are pure, natural, active and preservative free so that you can be assured that you can use their product with confidence and feel terrific doing it. The beauty oils that Decleor produces penetrate into the skin acting as a booster whenever it is used with one of their famous creams or gels. This is called the Aroma-Duo concept which they take great pride in. With their holistic approach to beauty, Decleor has become a world renowned skin care company as well as cosmetics company. You will be hard pressed to find anything more luxurious or wonderful than the products that Decleor produces for the face, body and skin.