Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal (15 min) - £40.00

Skin tags are quite common and found in areas of friction. A few areas typical of skin tags are under the arms, neck, chest, back, groin and the eye area. They consist of epithelial cells and are basically loose fibrous tissue that can be often pigmented and appear darker. Sizes would also vary from as small as grain of rice to a pea size or bigger. Skin tags can also appear in clusters.

Skin tag removal is one of the many skin lesions that electrolysis can safely and successfully treat. This is an advanced cosmetic procedure using advanced electrolysis techniques and is a quick and sure way to get rid of the skin tags.

Using a small pre-sterilised disposable probe attached to the needle holder of a Sterex electrolysis machine the practitioner would perform the skin tag removal. The treatment with electrolysis is performed with an electrolysis probe and the experience of the skin tag removal is compared to a quick small sting.

Here are a few tips on what is recommended to avoid after the skin tag removal:

  • Avoid any cosmetics that would give irritation to the skin
  • Do not to pull at any scab formation
  • Do not receive any beauty treatments that would affect the area before it has healed