Thread Vein Removal

Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins, or Telangiectasia, are permanently dilated capillaries, and not 'broken capillaries', as many people tend to call them. The very thin walls (just one cell thick) of the fine facial capillaries dilate and constrict constantly throughout life to regulate the body's temperature. As we age, they lose their elasticity and the ability to constrict, often becoming permanently dilated and visible through the skin.

There are numerous causes for thread veins including: ageing, hereditary and genetic causes, pregnancy, the rubbing of spectacles, smoking, energetic sports, temperature extremes and harsh weather exposure, hormones, skin fragility, even constipation can be responsible.

The ageing of these thread veins combined with the breakdown of the skins supporting network of collagen and elastin and the thinning of the skin as we age results in their visibility becomes more and more noticeable.

Courses of treatment are often involved as the treatment technique has to be 'spaced out' so not to cause skin damage or possible hyper-pigmentation. Both Diathermy and Blend methods can be utilised but the Blend method is only taught by a few specialists in this field. Diathermy is very quick and instantaneous results are obvious immediately. The probe is very accurately positioned over the vessel and a gentle tap using current is made on the surface of the skin. This immediately causes that tiny section of vessel to disappear at which point the practitioner moves onto the next minute section of vessel and treats. In this way a number of small vessels can be treated each minute. However care must be taken not to over treat and sessions are usually 15 minutes per cheek.

We also remove thread veins with IPL laser removal. To book for a consultation for IPL thread vein removal please book at consultation and patch test.